lunes, 5 de marzo de 2007

Cinco minutos más...

... y apenas es lunes...

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Céleste, reine des éléphants dijo...

Dearest Mr Cane, I'll start studying spanish reading your blog, then I'll practice in Gijon this summer. See you there anyway, and don't forget to send me your book.

Miguel Cane dijo...

Your majesty,

I am so honored by your visit!
Of course we'll meet in Gijón and my roman I will give to you, in hand, when we meet again.

Till, then, oodles of love,

Votre Babar.

Céleste, reine des éléphants dijo...

Dearest Miguel,

I'm sure that your roman is excellent, formidable, and can't wait to be in Gijón again. Last year was pure happiness.


Votre Céleste